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I brought my 4 yr old grandson; my Aunt & Uncle from Connecticut brought 2 of their grandchildren ages 4 and 7.  The children were entranced.  My grandson Gabriel kept saying during the show, "this is so good".  In fact he returned 2 weeks later with his Pop Pop.  I heard the other 4 year old went home and started acting out the show.  I thought the costumes were magnificent, so like the actual pictures in the book.  Their coloring and detail were incredible. . .

                                                                    ---Bernadette Jones

. . . The Choreography, costumes and scenery were all beautifully done, and so true to the feel of Eric Carle's work.  The puppetry added such a lovely element, and created a multi-dimensional aspect to the performance.  The dancers did a wonderful job of  bringing the story to life.  The music also felt so appropriate to the story, playful and whimsical.


. . .I am impressed by the care and creativity both the costumes and performers evinced.  Combining the puppets and the live performers was totally successful. . .  My grandson's  was apprehensive at first - always cautious about new things – but at the end he insisted on staying and seeing the second show.  I think having the small books for the children to hold was a masterstroke; the book linked the unknown performance to the familiar story, so when the performance started he was able to sit back and relax and become entranced.  Congratulations, and thanks.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ---Michael Greenebaum


...“I’m still feeling the glow of your two delightful shows at the Carle yesterday. In our crazy, high tech times, to be able to enter the magical world you create is a true haven for the soul—a delight for the adults, not just the children. Your “Mister Seahorse” and “A House for Hermit Crab” are delicate and nuanced, sweet, without being saccharine. You do wonderful things with shape and color and movement. The costumes are imaginative and whimsical and a treat all on their own. The music is perfect (bravo to Karen Tarlow) and Steve did a beautiful job with the lighting...

. . .your shows are New York theater quality… What New York critics should say about great NYC shows is that if they’re “good enough they could be in Amherst!” You are a local treasure—and we are happy that you are here. “

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ---Corinne Demas

Dear Therese – You brought Eric Carle’s Hermit Crab to life! The 3 generations of our family, (ages 3 to 69) were enthralled.
I loved the costumes above all – you transformed Eric Carle’s pictures with wit and seeming simplicity. . .

                                                                                                                                         ---Jo Swift 

Tico is a beautiful, yet simple masterpiece. You are truly at the top of your game, a master of dance, theater, costume, puppetry and more. Congratulations, and thanks for a wonderful experience.

---Steve Stoia 


I have tried to see every one of Therese’s artistic productions over the years, for they have been among the most imaginative and rewarding esthetic events in the Valley, especially since she has begun to offer her programs at The Eric Carle Museum—the ideal venue for children’s programs.  She has not only, and almost single-handedly, created unique artistic creations, but inspired in her viewers, whether children or adults, a new appreciation of dancing, story-telling and imaginative recreation. . .

                                                                                                                                           ---Elizabeth Welt Trahan 

The puppets, costumes, props, and backdrops were such splendid interpretations of the original illustrations.  Even the patterns that were printed on the costumes were beautiful renditions of the original artwork. I also enjoyed how the performance remained true to the two-dimensional format of the book.  I thought the masks were an especially ingenious way of translating the profiles of each character into three-dimensional pieces. 

The puppeteers and dancers were very professional and they worked together incredibly well.  The performance also progressed smoothly with the lovely music. . .

Your production was a fabulous integration of the visual arts, dance, puppetry, film, music, costume and set design, and literature. . . 

                                                                    ---Mrs. Jeanne Menard


My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, Victoria, saw a live performance yesterday for the first time (Tico and the Golden Wings), and loved it. In spite of being overtired by 2 PM with no nap, she was riveted to her seat and watched everything with rapt attention. I hope she will come to many more of your grand performances. It truly was magic. Thank you.



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